Coach Gordon

Coach Gordon Conner is a long time friend and member of the club.  He used to live across the club in his childhood days and is very proud of the club, and helping people get better at tennis.

Gordon runs the Monday night beginner class as a volunteer. 

Coach Karen

Coach Karen is the club's first female level 2 coach (ever!) and is an active part of the club committee too.  Karen is involved in/or aware of a lot of the day to day running and activities for the club, as a volunteer. If you cant reach another coach - please email Karen at and she will get back to you asap.

Karen is also responsible for our social media feeds on twitter/facebook and even this very website!

Coach Jack

Coach Jack has played for the club all through his teens and became a Level 1 coach last year.  Jack helps out with our weekend coaching as a volunteer and is a keen player in the club.

Coach Becca

Becca Harkin is one of our L1 female coaches.  She helps out during busy times, at club events and with summer and easter camps.

She is a keen tennis player and often plays with the other ladies in the club.

Coach Annie

Annie Hutton is one of our L1 female coaches.  She is an active member of Ladies Tennis within the club, whilst working as a Primary School Teacher in real life.  She has been able to combine these two skills of teaching and tennis and helps out at various kids tennis sessions, and bringing tennis coaching into the school where she works.

Last year she was able to help organise a schools tournament and get primary school children playing tennis.

Coach Arron

Arron Scott has played tennis with the club since he was wee and became a club junior, then a club L1 coach - helping with club events and mini tennis every Saturday.  He is off studying in Aberdeen where he plays tennis with the University but he will always be part of our coaching team in the Drum!